Richmond & Marijuana

As state legislators begin to discuss the many ramifications of advancing marijuana’s role in the medical field, new laws and stipulations will rain down upon every jurisdiction in Virginia, including our home sweet home in Richmond. We were lucky enough to get some of the best minds regarding the legal, legislative, and medical aspects of these pending changes to come chat on a panel at Gallery5 on April 19th to get a better understanding about this topic. We’ll be kicking off a brand new event series with this as the first topic with many other ones to follow ranging from energy use to river water quality to our public education system. The first event in the Everything Series however will be about this hot topic that has increasingly become more and more main stream as more and more localities push for advancing cannabis laws.


The Everything Series is an opportunity for the Richmond community to hear about issues pertinent to their lives from experts in the field. This will be an informative panel series exploring a wide variety of topics, one event at a time. Our series begins with a very controversial, but timely topic: the Commonwealth of Virginia is continuing to explore the notion of legalizing medicinal marijuana for doctors to use as they see fit. This has been a heated topic for a long time among politicians, lawyers, doctors, social workers, and beyond. We’re thrilled to present three guests for our panel that bring with them a career of experience in fields related to this exact topic. Our special guests for this event are Jenn Michelle Pedini, Executive Director of Virginia NORML; Bill Farrar, Director of Communications of ACLU of Virginia; Paul Brasler, Addiction Specialist social worker for Daily Planet Health Services.

This will be an informative panel discussion with an opportunity for questions from the audience at the end. This happy hour event will take place at Gallery5 in Richmond’s Historic Arts District in Jackson Ward on Thursday April 19th from 5pm to 7pm.


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