BREAKING NEWS!!! Mozart’s Earliest Music Discovered by researchers!


At a recent dig in Vienna Austria have discovered what appears to be the very first piece of music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ever composed! The dig was funded by the International Council For Arts Preservation, also known as ICFAP. This site survey of an old ancestral home and adjacent ruins on the estate grounds provided a bevy of new discoveries including the old paper artifact displayed below. Carbon testing has dated the piece to 1764 and finger print evidence has identified the composer as the famed and beloved classical music icon, Mozart.


The piece has some noticeable similarities to another well known piece thought to be penned by a different composer, but now is pulling into question the accurate records and copyright practices from that time period. Classical music fans around the world are shocked to be learning about this news while historians are overjoyed to continue to find more artifacts from that time period.

This is a breaking news and developing story. Stay tuned for more. For those interested in Mozart we encourage you to check out this year’s Mozart Festival in the Scott’s Addition Neighborhood of Richmond, VA. The free to the public, day long festival will take place on Saturday April 28th.



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