It’s a wild world…for now

Recently there has been a lot of buzz over the last male Northern White Rhino passing away. This planet is now left with two females, his daughter and granddaughter, which scientists hope will be able to birth the future of this species using highly advanced (non-regular doin’ it ways) mating in-vitro options. This is indeed sad news for ecology lovers and scientists. This is also bad news for the greater population because as we lose our biodiversity we put our planet at higher and higher risk. It’s all connected here on Earth. Every drop of water, the air that passes us as the wind, and every decision we make.

Over the years I’ve had the total joy of being able to capture many animals in their natural habitats from around the glove. For no reason other than to promote diversity and to appreciate the beauty that is the natural world, I’m sharing these images with you today.

Please be careful where you put your trash, which products you purchase from stores, how you plan your vacations, and the way you plan the natural world into your life. We all are a part of this global ecosystem regardless of if you’re living next to a stream in the valleys of Virginia or high atop a condominium skyscraper in Manhattan. It’s all connected.

Below are photos from Costa Rica, India, Dominican Republic, Canada, and The United States of America. All these animals were in the wild, also known as their home.



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