Happy Humpday! February 21, 2018

Happy Humpday, folks! Would you kiss a camel?

From dailykos.com:
“Conventional antibodies are familiar largish protein molecules that aid us in maintaining health.  But camels have a unique antibody as well as the normal kind circulating in their bloodstreams. Dromedary, Bactrian camel, llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicua all have both kinds. Because they are so much smaller than normal human antibodies, nanobodies can get to or be delivered to parts of the body and cells that their larger cousins cannot reach.  This has important implications for the future of human and animal health.  And for plants, too. In themselves, nanobodies are amazing, but their true wonder may be their mere puniness and property of attachment.  They can adhere to toxins and other molecules for delivery across the placenta, the brain barrier, and to the gut without becoming too large.[…] Pucker up and get ready to plant a big wet one on the split lip of your hairy friend!”

Well… would you?!


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