Happy Valentine’s Hump Day! February 14, 2018

Well, folks, you’re halfway through your work week which means it’s Humpday and it’s February 14 which means it’s Valentine’s Day! Ow owwwww! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our camel lovers, lady lovers, lover lovers, lamp lovers, mother lovers, all the lovers! We were thinking about doing a Humpday post regarding a scientific article urging people to kiss their camels to acquire (the camel’s) stronger antibodies. We even thought about making a post highlighting the interesting factoid that, oftentimes after mating, male camels will acquire a glazed-over look and fall to the ground laying motionless for several minutes (for real)!

But you’ve got last-minute flowers to order (maybe for a loved one, maybe for yourself!) and chocolates to pick up so we decided to play it easy, short, n’ sweet. This one’s pretty quick to wrap your mind around: When humans are dehydrated, they begin to draw water from any source in their body that they can. This includes their body tissue and their blood. Removing water from one’s blood is not exactly a great longterm solution, and can easily lead to very dangerous consequences for the dehydratée (I just made that word up).

Camels, however, draw water only from tissue when dehydrated. This keeps their blood in grade-a condition which keeps their heart happy which means…. well, it is Valentine’s Day… it means that they can love longer!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Drumroll, please…



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