Happy Humpday! January 3, 2018

Happy Humpday and HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Writing the title of this week’s Humpday post was this writer’s first time writing “2018” in the new year. With the recent holidays and new year celebrations, a lot of us had a lot of decadent, rich food. Maybe even some fancy cheeses. But what about camel cheese? Yes, camel cheese — you bet your sweet patootie it’s a thing! Not only is camel cheese a “thing,” but its creation was a step toward helping rural communities in parts of Africa and the Middle East find ways to preserve their supply of camel milk. A bit of background before reading the following excerpt: Chr. Hansen is a Danish company that develops “natural” food ingredients, such as food cultures, probiotics, enzymes and natural colors.

From the Dairy Reporter,

“Chr. Hansen and Kenyan firm Oleleshwa Enterprises have developed a number of camel cheese recipes for owners of the animal, including one for a soft, ripened cheese they call ‘Camelbert’.

Working hand-in-hand with Oleleshwa Enterprises, Chr. Hansen has concluded a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to improve the living conditions of small-scale camel owners in Africa and the Middle East.

The project, which was launched in December 2012, focused on developing of basic knowledge about camel cheese production. One-year on, Chr. Hansen and Oleleshwa are preparing to distribute a document including several recipes and begin training of rural communities in Northern Kenya.”

By all means click the link above to read the rest of the article. it goes on to discuss difficulties with developing and processing a cheese derived from camel’s milk, and goes into detail about the coagulant that Kenyan camel owners are using to make their Camelbert.

Now… time for today’s camelfact!

Drum roll, please…


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