Happy Humpday! October 25, 2017

Happy humpday, folks! We’ve got another fun Camel Fact to get you over this hump of the week so that you can slide right into the weekend. As always, we over at The Great Big Everything are blown away by the evolutionary engineering that culminated in our modern-day camels. They can withstand any sort of conditions! Including putting on crazy displays of mating prowess, in an effort to attract females — even if the heat index is off the charts. Think about it: all that running & jumping around, and fighting with other males — all this, for the ladies; but if it’s an extremely hot day those male camels won’t last long enough to attract the attention of a potential mate and that means no more camels! So what’s a camel gotta do? Well, the males lower their body temperature in the morning so that as they expend a lot of energy throughout the day and warm up quite a bit, their bodies can handle this heat with (little to) no sweat.

According to phys.org,
“Emeritus Professor Gordon Grigg, from UQ’s School of Biological Sciences, and a team of colleagues working in Central Australia, have found male camels have the ability to drop their body temperature which may help them last longer in rutting displays.
‘Rutting involves very energetic daily display “fighting” during which bulls contest ownership of a herd of females,” Professor Grigg said.
‘By starting each day cooler, a bull can postpone heat stress, compete for longer, win more contests and potentially sire more offspring.’




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