Happy Humpday! September 13, 2017

Happy humpday, folks! In our research for all things at the intersection of “Camel” and “Cool” we recently found a farm and wildlife center in NY that is partnering children with special needs with… Bactrian camels! The wildlife center is called Green Chimneys and here is an excerpt straight from an article on their website,

“Green Chimneys Farm Education Manager Miyako Kinoshita and Social Worker Shauna McWilliams are colleagues and friends. Their closeness comes in handy when tackling the unexpected, in this case, partnering with camels Sage and Phoenix in animal-assisted therapy sessions for children with special needs. With over 30 years of combined experience working with children and animals, Miyako and Shauna have been leading student sessions incorporating the camels for over 2 years. The result: an understanding of how the camels can help children challenged by anxiety, attention deficits, and difficulties with emotional regulation to develop and make connections between the camels’ behavior and their own. It is their hope that these connections become generalized and translate to interactions that students face in school, as well as at home and in the community. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to partner with these noble creatures.”

You should definitely check out that article in full (link above) as they go into the “3 Ways Camels Make For Unusual and Awesome Therapy Partners.” It’s an interesting read!



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