Show and Tell – The 2017 Solar Eclipse in TOTALITY

It’s not every day that you get a chance to take photos of a total solar eclipse. On August 21, 2017 I was lucky enough to be in the path of totality for the Great american Eclipse. Nashville, TN is home of honky-tonks, country music, lots of drunk people, and for one day was also filled with lots and lots of nerds.  For me, this combo was a dream come true!

Luckily I had a spot in a friend’s backyard which allowed for both privacy and enough space to set up a few different cameras. This was my first eclipse, but hopefully not my last. Since we’re using today to look back on things, let’s take a look at last week when the entire nation was excited about something other than political insanity, racial tensions, and human suffering. That’s one thing I noticed on the entire trip, the eclipse really did get everyone to look up together in what felt like a very unified moment for humanity. Brief, but unified none the less.

Here are some shots taken from my Canon 5D and Canon 7D using a solar filter and some raw shots. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of warnings about not looking directly at the sun, but you can look directly at these photos. Cheers!

Prabir Mehta – Nashville, TN

eclipse 2017 d.JPG

Ladies and gents, the sun…through a solar filter.

eclipse 2017 e.JPG

The clouds were setting in, but if you look at about 1 o’clock on the sun you’ll see something else is starting to set in as well. That’s the moon y’all.

eclipse 2017 g.JPG

The moon slowly made its presence known. There are many ancient civilizations that had stories about mythical creatures eating the sun, thus explaining the missing part of the sun that looks like a bite. However, that’s a really clean bite. Really though, how often does one get that clean a bite on anything? You ever try that on a cookie?

eclipse 2017 h.JPG

Every now and then the clouds would get away and allow a clear view of the bite…errr eclipse.

eclipse 2017 i.JPG

The crescent sun. A role reversal from the usual crescent moon we’re used to. Same three players (Earth, moon, and the sun), just in a different order. So cool!

eclipse 2017 j.JPG

Totality. Totally awesome. Totes. You could even see stars. The animals around us were going into evening sleep mode as well. The change only took a few minutes, but between the light and temperature changes happening, the critters in the Nashville area went nuts.

eclipse 2017 k.JPG

They say all good things must come to an end, this is the eclipse beginning to end. The ancients were celebrating the release of the sun god from darkness, but most people in Nashville just went straight to the closest bar to resume normal activities a few seconds after totality.

eclipse 2017 b.JPG

One more for good measure. The moon beginning its graceful exit from the sun’s path, returning life back to normal here in this part of planet Earth. For a few hours our nation stopped most of its fighting to look up. That happens when we encounter something is greater than all of us combined.

Here’s a quick walk through of solar eclipse history that we worked on with our friends at the Science Museum of Virginia!

Here’s one for the kiddo’s, outdated now, but full of good info for curious young minds.


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