Show and Tell! August 10, 2017

It’s Thursday and that means Show and Tell! It’s our chance to show off what we’ve been working on, past projects we’re proud of.

We are lucky to have participated in many projects that have taken us all over the globe. While documenting for the sake of work is very important, it’s also nice to periodically to pull out the camera during some downtime. These images will remind us of the people that we met, the encounters that we had, and further allow us to reflect on our beautiful world — these are a few moments in time that hold a special place in our minds.


A parakeet in the jungle of India Rajaji National Park. 2012, during a two-day hike through the jungle. India is known for its exotic wildlife, most of which is seemingly “scary” –tigers, leopards, elephants– but occasionally you’ll share a moment with a beautiful and tired bird as it rests on a branch. Seconds after this photo was taken, that parakeet flew off.


Uttarayan is a kite festival in Gujarat; everyone from the wealthiest individuals to the poorest people on the streets take a moment to celebrate this festival together. Here we have a family preparing their strings for their kites; despite economic adversity, social hierarchy, and living conditions, adorning the strings with your chosen color is a great source of pride.


The Great Smoky Mountains. To witness the seasonal change in the Great Smoky Mountains is unparalleled to anything else. Not only does this mountain range have some of the most dynamic tree and foliage change but it’s also the highest concentration of black bears this side of the Mississippi.

Perhaps this iguana is sunbathing and taking an opportunity to warm its body under the Puerto Rican sun or perhaps it’s just taking a moment to think about life — probably sunbathing



Hiking along the Norris Glacier in Alaska is an eye-opening experience and further supports the urgency of protecting our fragile ecosystems that are being drastically impacted by the effects of human-caused climate change. Sadly, this photo opportunity at this capacity is no longer possible. This photo was taken only two years ago.


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