Happy Humpday! July 26, 2017

Happy Humpday, friends! You’re midway thru the week and *SO* close to the weekend! As always, we’ve got some Humpday fun for y’all in the form of our fantastic Camel Facts. So… Camels have been around for a long, LONG time. But what’s the earliest known artistic depiction of this wonderful animal? Well, we did some digging and it took us all the way to an archaeological site in Egypt.

According to The Mammals that Moved Mankind: A History of Beasts of Burden, “The first known actual reference to the one-humped Arabian camel is a pottery figure from Egypt, which also dates back to about 3,0000BC. Two early stone-age carvings of the single humped variety have been found near the Easter border of Jordan at a place near Abu Tubayq. By the 1st millennium BC camels were depicted on Achaemenid Persian and Assyrian bas-reliefs. The Apadana Palace in Persepolis, founded by Darius the Great in 515BC, shows a huge bas-relief on the terrace walls of a delegation bringing two-humped camels from Bactria. They also appear in some of the manuscripts in the famous sealed Buddhist library of Dunhuang, on the Silk Route (dating from C11th and found in 1900).”




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