Dylan Goes Electric!

On July 25, 1965 Bob Dylan played with an electric band thus taking his sound in a direction away from the traditional acoustic guitar and harmonica that the folk world had grown to cherish about the performer. There are ample accounts you can read about how people felt back then when it went down. Most folks will state the fact that half the crowd loved it while the other half felt some sort of betrayal.

According to this photo he went polka dot too, pretty cool!


While we’re here on this historic day, why not take a moment to throw some big props at Dylan for being the rogue bad ass that he is and always has been. From going electric to going commercial to going bowling to almost going to jail this man’s life has just continued to inspire some remarkable music. So much remarkable music. No really, take a moment to check out this list that USA Today put together ranking 359 of his tunes in order! Spoiler Alert: #1 is Mississippi…AS IT SHOULD BE!

Also, this list was made in 2015 before he had even released Fallen Angels or Triplicate. The venerable American song factory has not only composed a lot of songs, he’s played them a lot too! As of 2015, Bob Dylan and his band have played 2,500 shows. There have been tours since then too, in 2014 and 2015. This guy’s even won a Nobel prize!


Moral of the story is, there’s a Dylan moment for everyone. This milestone makes for a good opportunity to celebrate his pretty mind blowing legacy and catalog. Here are a few post-Newport Folk Fest moments that are some easy favorites to get the Dylan party going today.

Cheers everyone, happy Tuesday!



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