We’ve landed on the moon!!!

If you’re looking for a remarkable human milestone to celebrate, it does not get any better than this one. On July 20, 1969 humanity took one small step and achieved the largest milestone in human history.

Buzz, Neil, and Michael sure had an adventure as the entire world stayed tune for every single detail. With limited resources and with no prior experience, these three navigated a spacecraft from Florida to the moon, landed, did some field research on the moon, got back into a spacecraft, and made their way back to Earth. The 225,000 mile journey there and back took about a week total and kicked off a fascination with space that has yet to be quelled. Well done, science…well done.

Just taking a quick moment to celebrate this awesome day in history. For puns related to this please see the video below. Also, if this blog title makes no sense to you then you need to take a moment to watch the Dumb and Dumber clip at the bottom of this page too!



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