Show and Tell! July 20, 2017

Hey there, folks! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Show and Tell. It’s our chance to show off what we’ve been working on!

Since it’s July and since it is HOT. AS. HECK. We’d like to share with you a podcast we recorded this time last year. It’s from Season One of our podcast series, Instant Everything. This episode, “Keeping Cool,” is all about dealing with this crazy hot-humid weather.

For this episode we teamed up with Paul Cassimus, President of King of Pops – Richmond, and we also brought on Sarah Ahmed a local comedian.

A segment we work into every single episode of Instant Everything is called “Just the Facts,” wherein we share some cool facts pertaining to that episode’s theme. Each episode one of will share “numbers” based facts and the other will share  “crazy” facts in general. We don’t share them with one another beforehand and the goal is, usually, to knock each others’ socks off with our crazy facts! Check out the whole episode but if you want the CliffsNotes we’ve got this episode’s facts for you, listed below.

This episode’s Just the Facts:

The numbers:

  • 1833: the year that Frederic Tudor, of Boston Massachusetts, after THIRTY years of trial and error… popularized the harvesting and exportation of ice to locales all over the world. He was bankrupt MULTIPLE times. Many times he was so close to giving up but he was SURE he had invented an industry in which he could make a fortune. Sshipping 180 tons of ice to British colonists in Calcutta is when he finally started making headway into inventing his industry AND he earned himself the nickname “Ice King.” How cooooool is that?!
  • 1.5 million is the estimated number of visitors ANNUALLY to the James River Park System.
  • 3-6 is the estimated timeframe (in months) of how often you should be replacing your home air conditioning air filter. It reduces the load on your system which increases efficiency by FIFTEEN percent!

The crazy facts:

  • Storks keep cool by pooping on their own legs. The poop is mainly liquid and as that liquid evaporates, it cools off their legs. “The elegance of evolution!”
  • Some scientists in Bangladesh Have created window covers that utilize used soda bottles to harness the principles of vortex cooling  to cool people’s homes by TEN degrees. The soda bottles are cut off at the bottom end which is sticking out of the window, outside of the house. As air currents travel through the wide end of the outside-facing bottle, this air is compressed and forced into the home at a cooler temperature. Open your mouth wide and blow on your hand. Feel that warm breath. NOW: purse your lips real tight –as if you are about to whistle– and blow hard onto your hand. The air is MUCH cooler now!
  • A recent study performed by NOAA has determined that clouds on earth are no longer former where they used to, they’ve tracked differences as recent as thirty years ago. The globe is warming up which is impacting pressure systems which impacts where clouds can & cannot form. The subtropical areas i.e. “the Floridas of the world,” where clouds used to form naturally… are producing less clouds than they used to. Less clouds means less rain, less rain means less vegetative growth. NOT so cool!!!!

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