Happy Humpday! Wednesday, June 14 2017

Happy  Humpday, friends! Gather ’round and let me tell you a tale. The tale of the RED GHOST.  Our story takes place in southern Arizona in the 19th century.

It’s 1883 and a woman has just been fatally trampled by a “huge, red beast.” According to strangehistory.org, “local ranchers pursued the beast but only found cloven hoof prints and clumps of red animal hair along the trail. As sightings of the beast began to emerge from southern Arizona, wild tales of the beast became larger and more elaborate. The huge red beast with the devilish rider had the ability to take down and kill large animals such as cattle and bears, could run faster than any animal, was close to thirty feet tall and had the ability to disappear from sight.  The creature was quickly dubbed, ‘The Red Ghost.'”

Nearly a decade later, our Red Ghost was caught roaming through a rancher’s tomato patch and was fatally shot. Who knows how much truth is contained in this story of a camel “30-feet tall” and able to “take down and kill large animals such as cattle and bears,” but we can all agree: humans are easily frightened by the unknown! Happy humpday!


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