Show and Tell! Thursday, June 01 2017

Happy Thursday, folks! Two great things about today: Thursday is the day before Friday and it’s also the day we do Show and Tell!!

One of the projects we’re working on with PAAL involves their social media content and communications. Among the multiple services we offer them, one of the things we do is collate and share images promoting their art gallery and the various exhibits they display on a monthly basis.
Just a few weeks back we were pumped to see their gallery show which included images of VERY well-known movie memorabilia. We’re talking Goonies, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, X-Files, Kill Bill — you NAME it! The name of the exhibit was “Lights, Camera, Action: 20 Years of Collecting Movie Memorabilia” and all of the props & replicas belonged to one man, Eddie Woodmancy. The exhibit caused quite the buzz and even Style Weekly got involved.

From Style:

“It was “Star Wars” that first got Woodmancy into collecting movie memorabilia, but his interest continued as films were shot in Petersburg, such as the current “Juanita,” with Blair Underwood and Alfre Woodard. Visitors to the Petersburg Area Arts League will see several of the movie’s sets nearby.

“I’ve been collecting for more than 20 years at least,” Woodmancy says. “But not as much as I used to do, because I ran out of room to display it all.” The exhibit contains more than a hundred items, with almost the same number at home due to lack of space. Posters and print clippings provide context for the objects.”

Without further ado… Lights, Camera, Action!

Thanks for joining us! Check back next Thursday for our latest/greatest Show and Tell!


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