We work with a lot of great folks all year long, but we’ve only been involved with one project that involved otters! Richmond, VA is lucky to have Maymont here in our town. Not only is this a great nonprofit organization that serves the public all year long, they also put on quality programs, rehabilitate animals, and have given millions of people a chance to appreciate the natural world.

As we approach summer we’re getting more and more excited by two things. We are big fans of music and can’t wait for all the music festivals that lay ahead of us. We are also really huge fans of otters now thanks to the lovely folks at Maymont. Now if only we could combine otters and music festivals, then we’d be set. Lucky for us, thanks to technology, a little creative thinking, and the beautiful skills of local artist Katie McBride, we can make our wildest dreams come true…online at least.

Before we get to the fun otter-music stuff we just want to drop a plug for the crowd sourced Otter-Cam! You could help make this dream come true, drop a few bucks towards the cause and enjoy the ability to stream RVA’s own Maymont Otters from anywhere in the world. Make a donation right here:

And now, time for some rock and roll!

You’ve heard of Bonaroo, but what about this summer’s newest festival Otteroo?!?!?




Ah yes, Lollapalooza, founded by Perry Farrell. Then there’s Otterpalooza, founded by Perry Feral. So similar, yet so different.



Coachella has come and gone, but Furchella could be your new favorite festival, right?!?



Austin, TX may have SXSW but Richmond, VA could be the proud presenter of SXSO. South by South Otter, of course!



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