Happy Humpday! Wednesday, May 31 2017

Happy humpday, friends! It’s almost the end of the workday and that means it’s almost Thursday and THAT means it’s almost FRIDAY!

We’ve got a fun one for you today, and it fits in perfectly with the warm weather of the season. Picture: that shaggy fur on top of a camel’s head, back and neck. For animals that dwell primarily under the hot desert sun, WHY would they have that extra fur there that is only going to make them HOTTER?

Well… that fur is actually a bit of shaggy, coarse protection against the sun. Furthermore, besides SPF protection it also reduces hydration needs by effectively reducing the amount of sweat generated. According to the Washington Post “camels in the desert that are shaved, for example, do worse than those with fur, requiring more water evaporation to stay cool.”

And it’s not just camels! From the same article: “Dogs have developed their hair coats for a reason. It’s a barrier between the dog’s skin and the sun,” according to Emily Rogell, medical director of the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic in Rockville. “The less heat and sun reach the skin, the less hot the dog will be. I don’t recommend clipping or shaving unless there is a medical reason,” such as a skin condition or terribly matted fur.” Without further ado… Here’s your camel fact for the week!

Happy humpday, y’all!


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