Volunteer, it’s good for ya…and everyone else!

We do so many things every single day. For the most part our actions serve to benefit us as we move through life. Occasionally, it’s not a bad idea to put yourself second and lay some of your cherished time before others that could really use the help. As a species we’ve been working together for over 250,000 years to accomplish the lengthy resume that we humans have put together in our short time on this planet. Keep in mind none (NONE) of this is possible without the help of one another at a completely voluntary capacity. We want to give props to those that do their part and pitch in while also providing some information to those how have yet to get involved.

Our good buds at Hands On are all about volunteering and the many benefits it has on us as individuals, a community, and as a whole species really. We’re pumped to be making a bunch of seed bombs with them to distribute in the James River Park System. Look for some photos to be posted soon. In the meantime please check out their website for volunteering opportunities near you! http://www.handsonrva.org

As always, when a cool topic is presented to us, we need to dig deeper and find the coolest facts possible. With that said, enjoy today’s onslaught on all things volunteering!

JUST THE FACTS: Volunteering

Like to Netflix and chill? Sure! Who doesn’t? Well, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, where he taught mathematics from 1983-85.reed-hastings-e1402336895493.jpg


E.E. Cummings, an American poet and painter, volunteered at the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps in France in the year 1917. He was also imprisoned five months in France on suspicion of espionage. In the words of Snoop “Volunteering was the case that they gave me!” e_e.jpg



Walt Disney, renowned cartoonist, filmmaker and businessman enlisted himself in the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps in September of 1918. He served in France after Armistice. That was ten years before his mouse first appeared. os-walt-disney-birthday-2014.jpg



Ernest Hemingway, classic American author and journalist, also volunteered with the American Red Cross in Italy during 1918. We’re pretty sure that’s partly why he went on to be such a badass author for the rest of his life. Hemingway.jpg


Ben Franklin was a volunteer fire fighter– he actually invented the whole concept of volunteer fire fighting in the first place! Go Ben! Benjamin-Franklin-Firefighter.jpg


Tennessee’s nickname“TheVolunteer State.” originated during the War of 1812, in which the volunteer soldiers from Tennessee, serving under Gen. Andrew Jackson, displayed marked valor in the Battle of New Orleans. We don’t think going to war is a good idea, but…gosh…apparently you can volunteer in battle. Seems dangerous…tennessee-close-2.jpg


Looking for a weird way to volunteer? Here are some suggestions…

NASA wants you to volunteer for a bed rest study! How cozy…that’s one small nap for man, one giant yawn for mankind y’all! http://truthia.com/nasa-will-pay-you-18000-to-stay-in-bed-for-70-straight-days/ NASA-will-pay-you-18000-to-stay-in-bed-for-70-straight-days.jpg


If you’ve run out of quirky goth activities to do with your group of friends then here’s a suggestion. You could totally volunteer cleaning headstones! You may even meet some like minded people by doing so. http://www.wxyz.com/news/volunteers-needed-for-veteran-headstone-cleaning-at-great-lakes-national-cemetery 14472117073_24322d828a_o-1024x682.jpg


Let’s say you want to take your volunteering to a serious new level. Well, there’s always interning for the CIA! No, really… https://www.cia.gov/careers/student-opportunities/undergraduate-students.html unnamed.jpg


Here’s a fun one… You can actually get drunk and volunteer to help train police on field sobriety testing. Sign…me…up…occifer! http://www.wilx.com/home/headlines/Police-are-getting-volunteers-drunk-for-DUI-training-360572711.html oh-no-you-diint.png


Home Sweet Home, our volunteering info for the US and VA


Our good buds at Hands On have been busy making awesome volunteering options happen for lots of people. Check out what their hard work yielded last year! Props to everyone involved in making this such a cool organization, effort, and movement! unnamed-2.jpg

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  1. You can always volunteer with Sportable as well!!!!!!

    On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:22 PM, My Glasses Rule wrote:

    > myglassesruleweb posted: “We do so many things every single day. For the > most part our actions serve to benefit us as we move through life. > Occasionally, it’s not a bad idea to put yourself second and lay some of > your cherished time before others that could really use the help. As” >


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